Welcome to South Habour

Sydhavnen is a less trodden path in Copenhagen and a neighbourhood that mixes nature, an architectural boom and authentic harbour-side living on the edge of the city.

Only a few kilometers from Tivoli and the Central Station.

In this guide you find my local tips on what to see, where to get the best coffee and a great price winning meal.  We have lived here for 2,5 years now and are loving the area and even more every day.

 If you visit Copenhagen I hope you will take your time to vist this lovely area and enjoy the urban vibe in Sydhavnen as much as we do.


Head south along the Copenhagen harbour and you’ll find yourself in Sydhavnen, one of the new, upcoming neighbourhoods on the Copenhagen map. This former fishing area is experiencing an architectural boom and should be your go-to-place for waterside experiences off the beaten track – and for visiting the city’s fluffy ambassadors.

The “new” Sydhavenen consists of several “holme” (Engholmene, Sluseholmen, Teglholmen) – we live in the area Teglholmen.

The “old” Sydhavnen is an amazing and cosy part of Copenhagen as well and I highly recommend you to vist both part of Sydhavnen and discover the area.

 In particular I love the area around Borgbjergsvej, Vestre Kirkegård   and Karens Minde Culture house


Even if you are only few kilometers from the heart of the city centre you are also very close to nature. The area is right next to the green area AMAGER FÆLLED which has a lot of animal life. Pass  the canals  by the lock nearby (click on link) and you are in the middle of the nature. Also you can enjoy animal life and nature at the very popular area SYDHAVNSTIPPEN where you will can say hello to Alpacas, lambs and wild horses.

TIP – best nature walking path to the center of Copenhagen

If you go to the top of the hill right after the lock you can enjoy the view and let installations guide you through the circles (picture below). This place is also great for watching the sunset over Copenhagen. If you follow the walking path along the canals it will lead you to the very urban and hip area ISLANDS BRYGGE which is worth a visit with lots of life, bars, cafes. It’s only 500 m from the central place of Copenhagen and Tivoli, so I recommend you to take this stroll if you like to walk your way to the city center.

The pier on the picture below can be seen from our house – straight opposite nearby the iconic building Metropolis.

If you follow the path (on the Amager-side of the canal) all the way to the centre, you will pass by a lot of lovely places like this (bring your swimming suti and jump in if you like!)


There are a lot of lovely places and hidden gems in this area – below you find some of my favorites.

Since the ares is developing very fast, new places are opening all the time, so I might have missed a few.

Sydhavens vinbar
Klase - anløbet Engholmene
Cafe Wild Horse

ROOTS WINE BAR – Teglholmens Østkaj 30, 2450 København 

SYDHAVNENS VINBAR – Borgbjergsvej 52, 2450 København (bar and bottle shop and great food)

BJØRN & DELFINI – amazing food in Engholmene

PAULI – price winning restaurant in Borgbergsvej 

RESTAURANT VANDVID – Ben Websters Vej 3, 2450 København SV. Brillant food on a beautiful house boat only 200 m from our house. MUST eat place.

KLASE Engholmene – winebar. Amazing outdoor spot



Yum Yoga and Cafe – one of the best locations – you can do drop in for  yoga classes her as well

Nachbar – bakery, cafe and great coffee. I love to work from here as well every now and then


Riccos coffee- great coffee and nice decor

Wild Horse – my new favorite in Borgbjergsvej 1 – great coffee and amazing yoghurt

South Habour cafe – very close to Sydhavn Station you find the cosy cafe with great Marroccan food and room for both outside and inside seating. 

Milles Mini – GREAT cakes and coffee to stay or to go.

Cafe slusen – a hidden gem! –  see below



Slusen is a lock in the South Harbour of CopenhagenDenmark. It regulates water levels and inhibits unfavourable currents in the Copenhagen Harbour, occupying both sides of the narrow strait between Zealand and Amager. It lends its name to the adjacent Sluseholmen neighbourhood which is right next to Teglholmen.

In this area you will find a lot of house boat, people fishing, small fishermen houses and the one of the coolest cafes in Copenhagen – CAFE SLUSEN. It has the best view over the Harbour and outside seating. It’s very popular and especially during the summers its often very crowed, but the vibe is amazing. YOU REALLY HAVE TO GO THERE! (The images above are taken from the cafe).



Bus 7A that takes you here from the Central Station in 10 minutes or you can walk from Sydhavn Station app. 1 km.


Every 30. minutes the habour bus leaves directly to and from Teglholmen which is the last stop on the route. This is a great  possiblity of exploring Copenhagen from the seaside. 

Copenhagen Habour bus view


Wanna live like the locals? Then you need to dip in crystal clear water of Copenhagen Harbour.

In summer harbour pools are open, but you can swim all year around almost everywhere in this area – it is rather unique for a capital to have water in the harbour clean enough to swim in – you can even fish from the Habour (I think you need some kind of passport to do it)

We are just swimming right outside the house, but you can visit the free swimming zones everywhere in the area. 

Read about the Habour pools here



Sunrise is amazing here
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